The Seiko SRP775: instant vintage

I bought an SRP775 when it was first released and ended up flipping it for a PADI version which was then flipped for something else and so the familiar tale of loving watches continued until I ended up back with an SRP775.

In an industry where looking back appears to be the new forward, the SRP775 sits somewhere in the middle of modern watches that exude an age of smartphones and not having the time to fiddle with a tool that merely tells the time and those that try everything to paint patina and a sense of age on their dials and general forms.

The SRP775 is of course a throwback to an older watch and does little to hide the fact, but it somehow does not feel retro. It does not look out of place when paired with modern clothes and the busy lifestyles that we find ourselves living now.

It highlights how the original Seiko 6309 from 1976 was timeless in terms of design. The cushion case, large hour markers and perfectly proportioned bezel work to produce a soft look and feel in what is actually a heavy and fairly bombproof timepiece that can withstand whatever you throw at it, within reason of course.

Also, the 6309 was large for a watch of that time and so Seiko has had to do little to recreate it for a market more than four decades later, and design-wise little has changed. Obviously the movement is improved and so will many other aspects such as the crystal, but whether you are wearing a 6309 or an SRP775 the experience is remarkably similar.

There are few watches on the market today, especially at this price, that combine vintage with modern features in such a subtle way and this is why it is so popular within the watch community. It is also a bloody good watch.

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