The Skagen Falster

The Falster Smartwatch boasts an interactive touchscreen and a range of smart features powered by Android Wear 2.0 including: Google Assistant, smartphone notifications, activity tracking, world time, weather and more. Choose from time- or function-based displays for easy access to your favorite features, and add your favorite third-party apps from the App Store or Google Play. A battery-efficient dial design provides up to 24 hours* of use on a single charge, and interchangeable straps allow you to customize your look. Each watch comes with an inductive magnetic charger… More here.

Great design and a move to traditional meets modern in terms of the aesthetic, but bizarrely it lacks heart rate monitoring which will rule out the fitness tracking feature for many.

One thought on “The Skagen Falster

  1. Without a doubt, it is a nice looking watch, but it is a bit light on functionality and battery durability for my needs. 24 hours sounds like a Amoled display or something else that will struggle to be visible in bright daylight.
    I don’t understand the appeal of the digital watch face that cannot be easily seen in bright light. This is where my current watch rules, a transflective colour display with an always on lifespan of weeks, and the brighter the sunlight the better, else press the button for a back-light.

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