The dream of just a screen

Every now and then I catch myself using the iPhone X and realising just how impressive a device it is.

When I look back to the early iPhone, the Palm Treo and even the Psions, the iPhone X is a product that fulfils the dream that Apple has obviously been aiming for of just offering a screen and making the actual computer fade into the background.

It’s hard to explain, but without realising it 95% of the time, the iPhone X just seems to do its job and occasionally impresses in a way that I had not expected to see. The really impressive thing is that one day I will look back at the iPhone X and think it ancient.

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2 replies

  1. Ain’t technology grand. And fun.

  2. Haven’t used the iPhone X much, but playing with my GF’s, I think I’d get used to not having that centering home button sooner than I would’ve expected a decade ago.

    I guess haptic feedback helps return some of the old tactile feel, but sometimes having everything just be a fondle-slab seems like a loss.

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