Wanle Gamers Console Case For iPhone

Remember how much you loved your classic Gameboy? The intuitive gameplay and good ol’ fashioned plastic construction were emblematic of a simpler time where Tetris was king of the gaming world. The good times will roll again with the Wanle Gamers Console! This nostalgic iPhone case turns your smartphone into a gaming oasis, with ten classic games like Tetris, Tank, Snake, Formula One Racing, and more pre-installed. Protect your phone and play classic games at the same time. What’s not to love? More here.

Kind of silly, kind of cool.

Categories: Gaming, iPhone

2 replies

  1. Heh, if I had an iPhone X, a strong maybe.

    It’s a little misleading that it puts itself in the history of Gameboy, it kind of predates that. Still, “what kind you do with a grid ala Tetris or Snake” is an interesting constrinat- I had a “256 in one” thing I bought a few years ago that played in that space – “Tank” was especially interesting

    • Oh they have ’em for different sizes. I ordered one before stopping and thinking waitaminute, wireless charging prolly doesn’t work through this does it…

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