Sat nav rip off…

An investigation by Auto Express magazine found that the cost of updating the in-built sat nav system varies by hundreds of pounds, depending on the make, model and age of your car, even though most get the mapping software from the same provider.

Owners of older Jaguar XFs pay up to £316 for sat nav updates, while those for Ford cars vary from £81.90 to £159, depending on model and age, the research found, with those driving earlier editions paying most… More at The Telegraph.

For a long time now I have struggled with the notion of built in car sat nav. Has never made financial or practical sense to me compared to phone apps.

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  1. I love the term SatNav, which sounds all science fiction-y and is more informative than “GPS”.

    I buy cheap cars where it’s never much of an option – but I think I’d much prefer a REALLY good integrated phone holder. (when I used dedicated dashboard units, I never did solve the problem of updates… problematic living through Boston’s “Big Dig” major highway reconstruction)

    Ahh that era when SatNav was worth breaking into a car for…

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