Another major app leaves the Apple Watch

Instagram joins a growing list to abandon the Apple Watch platform. To date, Amazon, Google, Slack, and Twitter have also pulled their Apple Watch versions. After people noticed Google abandoned its Maps app last May, a Google representative said that it planned to add support again in the future. Other apps haven’t made their intentions clear. Amazon and TripAdvisor explained their apps’ disappearance from the Apple Watch by saying that it wasn’t the right solution for their customers at that point in time. “[Instagram’s] death is a strong sign that the social network doesn’t consider the Apple Watch a useful standalone app platform,“ the Verge wrote. The slow but steady exodus seems like it could be a bad sign for the future of the Apple Watch. That isn’t necessarily the case… More at Slate.

I have said this before and will keep saying it. Almost every app for the Apple Watch, and other smart watches, offer little in the way of a positive experience. The manufacturers need to concentrate on making the very best smart watch experience and with the essentials covered, there is little need for third party apps.

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  1. Intriguing that it takes away the differentiator for Apple – they mostly gotta compete on style now, since everyone does exercise and notifications. (Though I don’t know if Apple’s Watch’s “untethered from phone” is an attraction for many)

    I guess it’s like vs Android. For a while the app store was a differentiator, now most people can get more or less any app on either platform. But if people don’t give a crap about apps…

    sad that Apple will likely never have a toolset to make custom watchfaces, from what I’ve heard…

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