Earth’s Wonders

Once a matter of debate, we know today the Earth is not flat. But the satellite imagery we’re most familiar with — taken straight down––flattens and obscures the visual cues we get from perspective, making the imagery appear like maps, not photos.
Take for example this nadir view of Monte Fitz Roy. You might not appreciate that these are mountains unless you spot the clue in the jagged shadows coming off the mountain’s serrated summits… More at Medium.

Some of these images are absolutely stunning.

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  1. I wonder how many Apple users know about and play with the 3D photo mode of the iOS Apple Maps app? Especially if you look in on an area with tall buildings, being able to rotate the view around with two finger controls and see the different sides of a building, it’s real “God’s Eye View” stuff… you almost expect to be able to see little people walking around in there… (or better yet see yourself through the window of the building, fiddling with your iPhone…) I know Google Earth does something similar but I’m not sure if other maps programs integrate the view.

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