Fake reviews everywhere

Fake online reviews are being openly traded on the internet, a BBC investigation has found.
BBC 5 live Investigates was able to buy a false, five-star recommendation placed on one of the world’s leading review websites, Trustpilot.
It also uncovered online forums where Amazon shoppers are offered full refunds in exchange for product reviews.
Both companies said they do not tolerate false reviews… More here.

I see fake reviews in all sorts of places from Amazon to the iTunes App Store to literally everywhere else.

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  1. I usually look at the negative reviews to see what people are complaining about. They’re often more indicative of the quality of a product. But I read them because often it’s just about late delivery or arrived broken.

  2. Reviews are such a wasteland. You either get positive fakes/pay-for-plays, or people who just happened to have a bad experience and love to complain about it whether or not their experience was representative, or sunk-cost fallacy where someone loves something because they’re not invested in it.

    I hate hate hate Google Maps always asking me “how was store X?” even if I just used Store X as a damn landmark. I guess that kind of solicitation is a way of countering the “only people who love or hate this comment” effect, but I find the implicit privacy imposition outweighing the “help others” benefit – and I don’t care that much about privacy 😀

    • I’ll sometimes leave a review if something’s exceptional but that’s quite rare. As for soliciting reviews, again, unless it’s exceptional, I ignore the request.

      Interesting one though. I just had a pressure valve replaced on my hot water tank. When I called to arrange the appointment, she asked if I was interested in having the service guy recommend other products or services. I said no, but at least they asked.

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