Apple’s hollow iCloud offer

You don’t need me to explain how obvious this ploy is. Much like any free trial, Apple is hoping that you’ll sign up, and either forget to cancel or enjoy the extra space so much that you’ll want to continue paying. But what’s offensive is how Apple treats cloud storage as a whole. It only needs to offer this trial because it doesn’t offer enough storage to consumers to begin with… More at The Verge.

Absolutely agree. Apple’s limited free storage remains a big blip in a system that makes it one of the most profitable organisations in the world. It’s derisory.

Categories: Tech News

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  1. Yeah, you’d think they’d look for the lock-in.
    Even though my phone, tablet, and laptop are all apple, I still prefer Dropbox as a kind of “vendor neutral” answer… by looking for yet another revenue stream from it with no real differentiator, Apple leaves its self open to Google Microsoft and Dropbox’s options…

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