What should Apple change next year?

It is a struggle to think of things Apple needs to change in the future because the company is doing rather well at the moment, $1 trillion and all that.

There are some areas, in my humble opinion though, that do need changing because the company is on the way to doing the opposite of what made it so successful in the first place.

Look at the latest keynote for the iPhone Xs’s and Apple Watch 4; the same format, the same presenters, the same buzz phrases and familiarity to the point of boredom.

‘This is the best LCD screen put in any phone ever’

Seriously? That’s technically saying that this is the best version of out of date technology used to date which is taking bluster to a new level. It’s almost Trump-like.

Anyway, aside from the buzz phrases, I do get the sense that Apple is too embedded in what has worked to date, too cautious and possibly too big now to change in any significant way. And it could be this that causes problems in the future.

Only a fool would predict that Apple will continue to grow at the same rate it has over the past decade and only a fool would suggest that bad times are ahead, but when you look at history organisations who do not change tend to eventually pay a heavy price.

I am not saying that Apple should go radical with all of the products, but I am saying that the visuals, the words and the overall presentation of the company is starting to feel a little lacklustre. As good as the hardware and software is and as loyal as the customer base is, I can only see positive things coming from a freshening up of the way the company looks to the rest of the world.

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