The Spring Bar

If you feel like ordering at least a hundred, Otto Frei will sell them to you (at the time of this writing) for the low, low price of exactly 94 cents a pop (“assembled by hand in a small village in Switzerland” no less, so bad cess to you, you non-small-Swiss-village-non-hand-assembling spring bar makers, may you and your shoddy wares be hurled into an outer darkness, where there is a wailing and a gnashing of teeth). They seem far too flimsy to have any of us trust a $200 Seiko diver to them, let alone, say, a $50,000 vintage Rolex (or whatever) and yet, they seem to be almost boringly reliable – mostly, anyway, and this despite the fact that they can’t be cleaned or serviced, and are basically disposable… More at Hodinkee.

You have got to be a decent writer to make this subject interesting, and Jack has somehow managed to do so.

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