Quick Transfer Revolution

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to quickly copy any kind of media, document or file from any Mac or PC to iPhone and iPad in exactly 2 clicks? No iTunes syncs, without iCloud, and for free?

Well, today we’re announcing just that. It’s called Quick Transfer and it’s now available with no restrictions in the free version of iMazing… More here.

The promise is great. I do hope it works as good as it sounds.

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  1. It is great. I’ve been using iMazing ever since Apple started breaking up iTunes and in many cases, pushing the functionality down to the iDevice. I also found it much more flexible to use for backups. What I’d really like is to have my devices show up in Finder, but I’m not holding my breath. In the meantime, I use iMazing Mini. It sits in the menu bar. When I want to transfer something to an iDevice, I pop open iMazing Mini and select the drop down menu for the device I’m interested in. Select Quick Transfer and a popup window appears that lets you drag and drop what you want to transfer. Then the apps that can accept those files appears and you select the one you want. Done.

    Only downside is that you have to reopen the window for the next transfer. However, if you have lots to transfer or clean up, you can open iMazing and go right to the file system. So let’s say I want to add a file to a folder within GoodReader. You can’t do that in iTunes. You have to copy it to the root and then move it within GoodReader. With iMazing, you open up the File System, select the app, GoodReader in this case, and drag and drop what you want to where you want.

    I know there are other apps out there that provide more direct access to iDevices, but I’ve found the combination of functions in iMazing to be what I need.

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