The 100 Best Albums of 2018

While “Fake Love” has garnered the most success, songs like the jazz-inflected ode to Pluto “134340” and the 90s hip-hop-cribbing anthem “Anpanman” make the album feel full and diverse in a way that few pop albums do. The plush “Paradise” is the record’s standout—showing most readily the ease with which each member can bounce from lithe singing to rapping. On the whole, the record is a prime example of clean and simple pop writing, but the group’s collective quirks make it stand above everyone else, regardless of language. —Jabbari Weekes. The full list is here.

The beauty of streaming services is that you can check out the entire list, if you have the time, and that you are almost certain to find some gems that will become firm favourite artists for you in the future.

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  1. It’s not too much worse for us semi-luddites who still like our piles of MP3 that will still hang around even if a service goes under or is no longer worth paying for – Youtube has similarly vast selections – so the trouble is merely one of interface. (Which I shouldn’t underplay, but honestly, I don’t do as well with “here’s a huge pile of music someone thinks is great, dig through it, see if you like anything” vs keeping my ears open for stuff used in commercials and soundtracks and other happenstance.)

    Of course I have a pretty low-brow approach to music. Catchy pop- and singles-centric I don’t have firm favourite artists nearly as often as I have firm favorite songs, but my “4 star and above” playlist works great at parties.

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