Montblanc Summit II review

Frankly, Montblanc has to get those things right only a watchmaker can get really right if it seriously expects people to buy a smartwatch from it, rather than people’s go-to brands. Samsung, Apple, LG, Huawei, and even Fossil, these days, basically all offer watches that are at least a few hundred bucks (or more) cheaper than the Summit II. Price-wise the Summit II’s main competition is the stainless steel Apple Watch Series 4 in 44-millimeters wide in stainless steel, running from $749 (on a rubber band, mind you) all the way to a whopping $1,499 (again, in stainless steel), but on an Hermès leather strap with a proper folding clasp, making for a comparable setup to that of the Summit II… More at A Blog To Watch.

This feels like a reach at just shy of $1,000, but I can see the reasoning behind it. For me, however, Android Wear just doesn’t flow with the hardware the same way watchOS does and it looks too similar to offerings from the likes of Samsung.

This is Montblanc and a watch of theirs should not be indistinguishable from any other brand.

Categories: Smart Watches

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