The Fitbit Charge 2 has never been beaten

The above review popped up in my Flipboard, presumably by accident because it was from 2016. However, it got me to thinking about where Fitbit is heading and more specifically about the devices that came after which I have tried over extended periods of time.

My conclusion is that the Fitbit Charge 2 was the best device when it was released and that sadly for Fitbit, it is still the best device the company has released to date.

Fitbit Ionic- it is fairly accurate and does a good job of tracking your overall fitness, but it is a carbuncle of a device and is far too big for most women to wear. It is remarkably ugly and does not suit the tastes of the majority.

Fitbit Versa- highly inaccurate and gave me at least 10-20% more steps that I had actually done. Add to this the crazy situation where floors are counted when sitting down or driving and it starts to annoy.

Fitbit Charge 3- ditto all of the problems with the Versa and the situation is made worse by Fitbit refusing to acknowledge that their newer devices have this tracking problem, particularly in regards to floors climbed.

Throw in more than occasional software glitches with the online Fitbit service and the obvious choice is to look elsewhere. Fitbit helped me a great deal while I used the companies products, but alas the reason I wear an Apple Watch now is not because it is better, it is because Fitbit got worse.

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