What is the worst pain?

Some people say that life is pain. Those people are optimistic: life isn’t pain, it’s pains, plural—tooth pain, back pain, breakup-pain, the pain of watching your parents grow old and die, the pain of downwardly adjusting your expectations for life, stomach pain and sinus pain, pain you can’t quite trace to any one single source—a thousand different strains of this stuff, some not-insignificant percentage of which you’ll almost certainly experience before your (likely painful) death.

But which of these pains—limiting things to the physical—hurts the worst? To find out, for this week’s Giz Asks we reached out to a number of pain doctors and researchers, whose answers twisted and problematized the very concept of pain, and the function pain serves biologically… More here.

This is kind of impossible to answer, but good to see Gizmodo having a go.

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