The Best Men Can Be?

I’ve been shaving since I was 12, since the beginning I used Gillette because that’s what my father used, now I will never use it again, and neither will my father, collectively been your customers for 50+ years never again #BoycottGillette #Gillette

@Gillette has made it clear they do not want the business of masculine men.

I will grant their wish.

I have used #Gillette razors since they sent me a free sample on my 18th birthday, and will no longer buy any of their products.

Watch the video above and then read the two comments below it.

So, ‘masculine’ is getting upset by an advert?

‘Masculine’ is bullying people?

I see this all of the time. Men who believe it is masculine to talk down to women, who believe it somehow threatens their masculinity to show sensitivity to others.

Men who believe they are 100% masculine often do not understand what true masculinity is.

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4 replies

  1. @bheater put it well on twitter:
    “You snowflakes are triggered by everything the president says.
    [Spends morning angrily tweeting a disposable razor company.]”

  2. I’m with Gillette on this one and I’m pleased they’ve taken this position. Being masculine isn’t about taking advantage of your strength or position to abuse or bully others. You can still be strong and you can still be a leader, but you do it to be a better person and as role model for others.

  3. Have said that, the advert itself isn’t that great. When the kids come through the screen at the beginning, I thought it was going to be a spoof of the Last Action Hero.

  4. Great message. And it’s nice to see that message coming from a company that men think of as synonymous with masculinity. The closing images and message of the next generation learning from ours is so true. Yes, our generation learned from the previous generation, but we have to be open to what they did right and what they did wrong. Just as I hope the next generation will do when they look at us.

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