The Swiss Alp Watch Concept Black. Why?

When I see articles like this, I think of you. I suspect that this is the antithesis of what you love about mechanical watches. Bob

I get what Bob is saying and do think that H. Moser & Cie. can be a bit silly at times. This is an example of where the company makes a noise for what seems like a childish reason.

The same thing happened with the Swiss Icons Watch, below, which was designed to poke fun at the competition with the Moser CEO Edouard Meylan saying ‘Many brands, even historical ones, create and produce nothing but substitute substance with artificial hype to stay relevant.’ Needless to say the push back was huge and it quickly disappeared from view even though only one was made to be auctioned to support apprenticeships in the watchmaking profession.

It’s a shame really because Moser is brilliant and even when it has a dig at other watches it sometimes creates a beautiful product. Take the Swiss Alp Watch, below, for example which was a jibe at the original Apple Watch. It is stunning.

I don’t believe that digging at the competition ever makes sense because watches can complement each other, and in my view the stainless steel series 4 Apple Watch stands up against many mechanical variants in terms of aesthetics and feel.

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  1. I’m always amazed that companies spend their advertising time and money talking about and often showing the competition. If I’m trying to sell something, I want the potential customer to be focused on what I’m trying to sell.

    I grant that it may not apply or work in politics, but there you’re trying to sell the customer/voter on the lesser of two evils.

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