Reassessing priorities…

Apple is currently undergoing an executive team shakeup, a new report from the Wall Street Journal claims. As a result of the reorganization and personnel changes, several projects have had the pause button hit.

This is reportedly so that managers can “reassess priorities.” While no specific projects are named, some workers are supposedly “rattled” by the changes… More here.

This may be something that has happened every year or it may be a response to disappointing figures that have come out recently.

In an ideal world, however, no company should have to follow the relentless clamour for strong growth every single quarter because that is impossible to achieve. But still it continues…

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  1. Talk about crazy expectations. Apple hasn’t made less than 20% net income since 2009. Their net income for 2018 was over 11 BILLION more than 2017. There are billions of companies who would love to have that sort of problem.

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