The ‘cost’ of Apple products

“It’s something we’re very aware of,” he said. “We do not want to be an elitist company. That’s not — we want to be an egalitarian company, and we’ve got a lot of work going on in developing markets.” More here.

It would appear that Apple is currently counting the cost of the average product pricing the company offers and this could be a good thing for all consumers.

However, there has always been a slanted view regarding Apple costs which is not aimed at the likes of Samsung etc. I have had many conversations with people who will say the iPhone is too expensive at over £1,000, but they don’t blink an eye at the cost of the latest Galaxy phone. They also don’t see that a Mac will last a lot longer than almost all Windows laptops and will work out as good as if not better value in the long run.

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  1. The problem for most people is that Apple is a world they do not jump into unless they have that kind of money. Since they have never jumped into that world, they assume that an entry level Mac at say 1k is the same as an entry level Windows laptop at£400.

    Hard to change that impression till you have tried it.

  2. You get some interesting forays going the other day – someone who has made the switch to MacOS then dabbles w/ a cheap Windows machine- that person doesn’t dabble w/ the high end windows stuff, so they associate the OS w/ a general low-end tech feel. (Even apart from if MacOS keeps up that Unix-y roots clean feel, but that gets super subjective)

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