No imaginable route of escape from the Brexit straitjacket

Mrs May’s manoeuvring is about stifling – rather than giving – voice to antagonisms in her party. The same can be said of Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn. His party is also divided over how to proceed over Brexit, with the membership pushing for a second referendum on the issue. Mr Corbyn has committed himself to a “confirmatory vote” but made progress to it contingent on an improbable sequence of events. Paraded as a noble expression of national dispute, his policy in reality is a repression of it.

For parliament there seems no imaginable route of escape from the Brexit straitjacket. The danger is that the public is being lulled into the idea that the apparently impossible would prove possible somehow. Denial for both Mrs May and Mr Corbyn has worked until now; but it is increasingly reckless, especially for the prime minister. The causes of Brexit are still with us, with levels of inequality and poverty rising. Mastering the mechanics of politics is not enough. Politicians need to master its substance… More here.

We are a month away from Brexit day and we are where we are. We are nowhere, we are repeating the same arguments and votes every other week, we are completely aware of the problems Brexit will cause and at least half of us are deliberately ignorant to the facts.

The problem is that the population is divided on Brexit and so are our MPs. Families are divided and so are work colleagues and this is why a referendum where a simple majority was classed as a win is ridiculous. I don’t like where this is going and I am just as disappointed by the opposition as I am with our current government.

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