The PlayStation Vita has finally been discontinued

The Vita had a long shelf life, but not a happy one. It launched in Japan in December 2011, right when phone and tablet gaming were taking off — Sony was trying to sell people on a dedicated handheld at a time when many could play “good enough” mobile games on devices they already owned. And while there were high-quality titles like Severed, tepid sales led developers to shy away. Things only got worse when you included design complaints (such as a reliance on expensive, proprietary memory cards) and fierce competition from Nintendo… More here.

I must admit that I thought it had already been discontinued. I do, however, remember playing Burnout Legends on the PSP for many an hour and to this day have never found a game that offers the same feeling, If you know of one, feel free to add a comment. Thanks

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  1. PSVita no doubt lost a huge portion of the market to tablet and mobile phone gaming and could not be as successful as the predecessors.

  2. Wonder how it was vs the PSP. Nintendo has been so dominant in the handheld space for so long… but I was amazed at the idea that I could play actual PS2-style GTA games portably. (Now my iPad and iPhone does it without breaking a sweat, though controls are always an issue)

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