Time for a change

In 1913, Ariste Racine and his wife Emma Blatt started a watch manufacturing company in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. They named the brand ‘Enicar’. That’s right, that is ‘Racine’ spelled backwards. This seemingly small detail sparked my passion for the brand. Just look at the fantastic Saturn planet logo, the innovative and outspoken watch designs and the cool adverts and brochures. So much to like. There is enough to write a book about it.

And that is exactly what I’m doing, because it has not been done before. In fact, for a very long time, Enicar was more or less forgotten. In 1984, Enicar S.A. ended and all the archives were destroyed. But thanks to a small, but very enthusiastic Enicar collectors community, the brand is finally getting the attention it deserves… More here.

I never pledge on kickstarter, but I am tempted with this one.

Categories: Books, Watches

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