Lost In Mobile 2019 Survey Results

iOS dominates which is expected considering the content on LIM. Besides Android no other mobile OS survives…

Again, this is kind of expected given the content although I am surprised that macOS gets almost 50%.

Fairly certain that if I had asked the question last year the blue bit would be bigger, possibly much bigger.

Android tablets do seem to struggle in areas where people are prepared to pay a little more for a perceived much better experience.

I expected the Apple Watch to be high, but am surprised that mechanical watches get exactly the same number of respondents with quartz lagging somewhat. Not a single Android Wear on the wrist? Really?

This could be a case of simply not liking the future, but I suspect there is more to the negativity here. Maybe the majority see it as manufacturers clamouring for the next big thing, whatever it is.

The question should maybe not have been asked because it doesn’t offer much in the answers. It does, however highlight how few really big social networks there are.

Wow. Just wow. The mainstream consumer camera is dying.

Thank you…

I guess my, at times, haphazard posting schedule does not help here.

Thanks to all of you who took the time to answer the questions.

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