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  • Jeff Bezos’s Master Plan

    Today, Bezos controls nearly 40 percent of all e-commerce in the United States. More product searches are conducted on Amazon than on Google, which has allowed Bezos to build an advertising business as valuable as the entirety of IBM. One… Read More ›

  • Air Force finally retires 8-inch floppies

    Those floppy disks have now been retired. Despite the contention by the Air Force at the time of the 60 Minutes report that the archaic hardware offered a cybersecurity advantage, the service has completed an upgrade to what is now… Read More ›

  • The BBC by subscription

    The BBC could be made to scrap the TV licence and charge a Netflix-style fee, the culture secretary has suggested. Nicky Morgan has opened the door to the BBC becoming a subscription service, saying she was “open-minded” about a change… Read More ›

  • 5G doesn’t really exist… yet

    What a facile, bullshit article from Bloomberg. Where is the proof that the lack of 5G is “stinging” Apple in any way? By all reports, iPhone 11 sales are up over last year, not down. 5G is a niche technology… Read More ›

  • Click to pray

    The device — which can be worn as a bracelet — is made up of 10 consecutive black agate and hematite rosary beads, plus a data-storing “smart cross.” Once activated, the wearer can choose to pray the standard rosary, a… Read More ›

  • The Body

    In the bestselling, prize-winning A Short History of Nearly Everything Bill Bryson achieved the seemingly impossible by making the science of our world both understandable and entertaining to millions of people around the globe. Now he turns his attention inwards… Read More ›

  • The Evolution of Kitchen Appliances

    Today’s kitchens have changed from even just 20 years ago. It seems like now we have an appliance for everything – from deshelling hard-boiled eggs to mincing garlic. Kitchens are pretty high tech in the 21st century… More here. This… Read More ›