I fail to understand Apple…

I fail to understand why companies like Apple don’t address the entire market. That means various smartphone sizes and various smartphone prices. I don’t believe that making a less expensive phone with fewer features eats away at the higher priced items. People usually want the most features at a price they can afford. But some people really want a smaller phone. Or a less expensive phone. And if they find one elsewhere, Apple has lost a sale, and likely a customer forever.

As an example, I was at the Apple Store a few days ago getting the battery on my 6S replaced. It’s been acting strange for about 6 months but only in early January did it actually tell me that it needed to be replaced. After the special price ended. Hmmmm.

In any case, while there I looked at the XS and XR. The XR is a nice size but noticeably heavier. The XS is an okay size, but I have no compelling reason to buy one as my 6S is doing fine for what I need. And even if I wanted a new phone, I’d look at the X which is almost everything the XS is but a lot less pricey. Bob

Bob makes a very good point. Look at the number of budget and middle-range Android phones. Apple has nothing to compete on price alone which is the overriding factor for the vast majority of customers.

Brexit is a lie

May’s defeat should dispel any illusion that there is a happy ending to the Brexit story. The truth of the matter is that the project that defined May’s premiership — negotiating a Brexit deal acceptable to both the EU and pro-Brexit legislators in her Conservative Party — was structurally impossible. The terms on which Conservative Brexiteers wanted to leave the EU were not acceptable to EU negotiators, and the compromises necessary to bring EU negotiators on board were not acceptable to Conservative Brexiteers. No amount of negotiating could address this dilemma… More at Vox.

No amount of arguing and negotiating will hide the fact that what was sold to the British people is impossible. Well, it is possible, but only by seriously damaging huge parts of the UK.

Wear OS is doomed

It’s all being blown way out of proportion. The Fossil deal is not going to fix Wear OS. This is not the acquisition that will lead to a Pixel Watch. In reality, the deal was probably too small to really matter. Let’s pour some cold water on all this optimism. Wear OS is still doomed… More here.

When I look at Android I see an OS that is easily comparible with iOS. When I look at Wear OS I get annoyed because it is just awful.

Going For A Song

Garth Cartwright has travelled the length and breadth of the country, conducting more than 100 interviews with some of the icons of the record shop trade and the wider music industry, including Martin Mills (Beggars Banquet), Geoff Travis (Rough Trade), Andy Gray (Andy’s Records), Ralph McTell, Chris Barber, The Specials and many more. Featuring a foreword by the renowned comedian and writer, Stewart Lee. From the UK’s first record shop, Garth traces the history through more than a century of unprecedented social, cultural and political change… Available here.

Looks like a really good book and it’s available at HMV for £4.99 with any other purchase. Best to grab it from HMV while it is still there…

The iPhone SE is back, sort of

It’s not certain why Apple is only now bringing the iPhone SE back for clearance sales. It won’t mind selling more iPhones, though. The company recently warned that it will miss holiday season financial estimates after iPhone sales in China and other areas fell short of expectations, and this could help shore up numbers (albeit in a modest way) as 2019 gets started… More here.

Apple needs to bring the SE back with a full coverage screen. It’s as simple as that really. Yes, it may haemorrhage the larger iPhone sales, but I suspect there are many many people who would like a smaller iPhone. I am one of them.


A bold, ultra-modern shelf for homes that have a lot to say. Get expressive with countless customisation options and fresh new colours… More here.

The shelving units are very impressive, but the way the website lets you customise each one for your needs is just as sweet. Not cheap though.

The Swiss Alp Watch Concept Black. Why?

When I see articles like this, I think of you. I suspect that this is the antithesis of what you love about mechanical watches. Bob

I get what Bob is saying and do think that H. Moser & Cie. can be a bit silly at times. This is an example of where the company makes a noise for what seems like a childish reason.

The same thing happened with the Swiss Icons Watch, below, which was designed to poke fun at the competition with the Moser CEO Edouard Meylan saying ‘Many brands, even historical ones, create and produce nothing but substitute substance with artificial hype to stay relevant.’ Needless to say the push back was huge and it quickly disappeared from view even though only one was made to be auctioned to support apprenticeships in the watchmaking profession.

It’s a shame really because Moser is brilliant and even when it has a dig at other watches it sometimes creates a beautiful product. Take the Swiss Alp Watch, below, for example which was a jibe at the original Apple Watch. It is stunning.

I don’t believe that digging at the competition ever makes sense because watches can complement each other, and in my view the stainless steel series 4 Apple Watch stands up against many mechanical variants in terms of aesthetics and feel.

Tracked all of the time…

I had a brief email conversation with the editor of one of the magazines I write for yesterday and agreed to write an article about a very specific topic.

I followed this up with a quick search on Google, by way of research, to find a starting point. So, all seems normal.

Imagine my surprise, however, when within 1 hour I received the above email with the red bit using the exact same wording I used for the search in Google.

They have my email address, they know I searched for this topic and they pounced with their horribly see-through attempt to get me to put it on Lost In Mobile.

Unsettling is the word that comes to mind.