Promethea Unbound


To Jasmine, a little girl with olive skin and dark eyes prone to faraway expressions, it felt like camping. She wasn’t enrolled in school, so her mother took her to the zoo, the botanical gardens, and the beach. They had a favorite park overlooking the bay where they would take long walks, watch people fishing on the pier, and wash their hair—they both had long, thick black tresses—in a fountain… More at The Atavist Magazine.

An absolute must read.

A Mechanical Watch vs. the Apple Watch


With both types of watches, there are pros and cons. A mechanical watch can perform all its functions with no battery, simply by moving your wrist or winding the crown. The Apple Watch offers an vast array of modern functions, much like a smartphone—from sending a text to tracking your daily activity. Useful functions that are not within the realm of mechanical watches, unless you count the chronograph, the pulsometer, etc. You can buy an Apple Watch for as low as $269 for an original Series 1 or up to around $1,499 for the new Ceramic Edition. Mechanical watches can range from a few hundred to hundreds of thousands of dollars… More at Valet.

You can’t really compare the two, but I know which side I am on. The picture says it all.

Another drivable work of art


The new Vantage is definitely a compact package; it’s 11 inches (284mm) shorter than the DB11, and it manages to take up less room on the road than even a Porsche 911. It’s significantly lighter, too; the company says it has a dry weight of 3,373lbs (1,530kg), and the sprint to 60mph should take just 3.6 seconds. The engine is courtesy of a technology partnership with Mercedes-Benz… More at ars.

Oh my. Thanks to Bob.

386 hours with the iPhone X

After 2 weeks the iPhone X it has reached that point where I wonder why the £1,150?

It is actually a good place for it to be because the novelty wears off and work, my kids, my wife, my dreams, writing and the rest of my life continues as before, but with a new phone.

Photo 04-11-2017, 11 53 31

A phone is of course not important in any way in comparison to the real world, but it is also very important because it has integrated itself into so much of what I do.

The iPhone X feels like the iPhone 7, only better. The screen is just so useable for me and the addition of True Tone is a game changer- I will never turn that feature off.

Battery life is, to me, the same as the past few iPhones in that it needs a charge during the day and again overnight. No great shakes, but not groundbreaking either.

The camera is superb, quite superb. I haven’t managed to get the new portrait still feature working properly in any shot yet, but maybe that will have to wait for the Summer.

Overall, however, I am pleased with my purchase and see no reason to change. The novelty may be gone, but the iPhone X remains the best phone I have used to date.

Apologies for the lack of updates recently. This is not likely to change much as I have a few things to deal with which take priority.