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  • Glide

    It’s been a while since I saw a kickstarter project that I could get behind, but Glide is one.  “Building an app yourself is hard work. Normally you need a lot of technical skills that most people don’t have. Glide makes… Read More ›

  • How does he do that?

    My son spent some time in the garden yesterday with his budget Nikon DSLR and came back with a selection of photos that I wanted to share. He is 14- why can I not do what he does? You can click… Read More ›

  • The future of Apple Watch?

    “There are enough Apple Watches in the wild (or coming over the next few months), there are enough early adopters that, in my opinion, the Apple Watch has achieved critical mass. There will certainly be complaints, but the Apple Watch… Read More ›

  • Unfreed

    “He’d spent years wondering when the other shoe would drop. The revelation had taken him by surprise — the best possible thing that could have happened under the circumstances, his lawyer said — and yet the promise of it weighed… Read More ›

  • Unclutter for Mac

    I picked this up today and within a minute I was using it for a freelance project. This is a seriously impressive app and it is on sale for under $2 at this time so be quick.

  • Moments // New York City

    Incredible production values.

  • Apple Watch: inconvenient truths

    “I was shocked at how small and slight the Apple Watch felt on my wrist. I’m a larger guy (6’ and built like a linebacker who retired and got a little fat) and when I tried the 42mm Apple Watch… Read More ›