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  • Any Apple Watch strap you want for £10.99

    I bought a pair of Silver Strap Adapters Clasp Metal Axle Connectors for Apple Watch Sport from eBay for £10.99 and received them today. Very surprised at the quality, the fit and the ease of installation to use any strap with… Read More ›

  • Apple Watch regrets

    “It’s also (at least in my case) $700. Given how it looks and feels, and the technical accomplishments that go on inside that shell, is that the right price? I like it, but it’s not “hundreds of dollars” like. Maybe… Read More ›


    It’s rare that I see a watch which appears completely bizarre at first glance, but within minutes becomes an object of desire. The ELVIS80 AUTO is the perfect example of this. I really like what Hamilton is doing with their classic… Read More ›

  • Collecting every UK chart hit in history

    “A stunning record collection containing every chart single made has been discovered crammed into the terraced house of its late owner. Single-minded Keith Sivyer bought every new release that entered the UK single charts since their inception in 1952 until… Read More ›

  • Feeling old?

    I had one of those moments today which made me feel old, and it may feel similar for you when I explain why. When I started my first proper website, Clie World, my son was 18 months old and my… Read More ›

  • Android Wear 5.1

    “Android Wear 5.1 has reduced Google’s emphasis on talking to your wrist, which is a good thing. The new menu system makes it easier to get to apps and settings, and the simple swipe-based interface is intuitive. The emoji-drawing support… Read More ›

  • Undercover Uber driver

    This is such a good article which taught me a lot about Uber, but the following two parts stood out for obvious reasons- “Travis Kalanick, the CEO and founder of Uber, said at a conference last year that he’d replace… Read More ›