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  • Content is King… Again

    “Looking at the chart above, today only 10% of the time spent on mobile is spent in the browser, down from 14% a year ago. The rest of the time, 90%, is spent in apps. Effectively, the browser has been… Read More ›

  • The world of fake Apple Watch bands

    One aspect of the Apple Watch that caught the eyes, and derision, of many was the price of the various watch bands that Apple offers to add a sense of originality and personality to the experience. It was, and is,… Read More ›

  • 52 Blue

    “The whale that Joe George and Velma Ronquille heard was an anomaly: His sound patterns were recognizable as those of a blue whale, but his frequency was unheard of. It was absolutely unprecedented. So they paid attention. They kept tracking… Read More ›

  • Obsessed with macro

    My son has been out with his new camera accessories, macro stuff I believe. All I know is that his hobby is costing me a lot of money! Pics are here.

  • “Found it!”

    “When I was a child, my father used to wear a Bulova Accutron Snorkel 666 feet which I was always fascinated by. He treasured it a lot and I remember watching him staring at it for much longer than he… Read More ›

  • The Agonizingly Slow Decline Of Adobe Flash Player

    “The idea was to talk with some of the biggest websites still using Adobe’s browser plugin, which has fallen out of favor within tech circles for its constant security issues and thirst for system resources. Maybe they could explain why… Read More ›

  • 64 + 61 = 100

    “Nearly two-thirds (64 percent) of current users said that they were extremely or very likely to pay to subscribe to Apple Music after their free trials end. On the other hand, 61 percent reported that they had already turned off… Read More ›