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  • 5th January 2016

    TiQ timely. interesting. quick. tech If this article from Fox Business is to be believed, it sure does look as though Amazon’s patience could pay off in the long run. I read it and considered my own usage of Amazon which… Read More ›

  • 4th January 2016

    TiQ timely. interesting. quick. tech It would appear that Jawbone is now fully aware that the UP2 (Flat Strap), UP3 and UP4 bands do not secure themselves as well as they should. My experience of the UP3 is that it… Read More ›

  • 3rd January 2016

    TiQ timely. interesting. quick. tech A 7-year-Old from Crawley has managed to rack up a £4,000 bill playing Jurassic World on his iPad. Amazingly, Apple gave a full refund despite the fact that it is neither the developer’s or Apple’s… Read More ›

  • 1st January 2016

    TiQ timely. interesting. quick. tech Every year the debates start as to what the most popular trends for CES will be. From cars to smart homes to tech health, MashableUK has listed what is likely to dominate the biggest tech event of the… Read More ›

  • TiQ ToQ

    For the time being I am going to concentrate on the TiQ newsletter rather than post content on this blog regularly. Early subscriber numbers are higher than I expected and I am rather enjoying working with a new format that… Read More ›

  • Subscribe to the TiQ newsletter

    I have been working on an idea for a while now which involves sending out a daily email newsletter containing 5 tech articles and 5 articles on any other subject. The plan is to make it as quick to consume… Read More ›

  • Apple II Watch

    Ridiculous, silly and you wouldn’t want to wear it, but… ok, you may want to wear it just for the fun of it. More here.