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  • Joshua Topolsky leaves Bloomberg

    “But the last few months have been difficult for me. I started to feel a desire to go even further, beyond the shores of business-focused coverage (this is Bloomberg after all), into the broader, weirder, and nerdier side of my… Read More ›

  • 1972 Bulova Cal.12 Rare Chronograph

    1970’s fashion was terrible. The furniture was terrible and so were many consumer car designs. Despite many people hoping for a long time, 1970’s fashion has never returned and likely never will because the decade was an abomination in so many… Read More ›

  • Marshall London Phone

    It looks cool, possibly in large part because of the logo, but is a phone focussed on one thing going to cut it in the world of multi-tasking monsters we all know and love today? “The revolution has begun. It… Read More ›

  • What else are you going to buy?

    It would be fair to say that my iMac has just about reached the end of the road. After 4 years the sound has gone, the hard drive is behaving sporadically and I managed to get a rather large scratch… Read More ›

  • Apple Pushes Privacy Beyond The Limit

    “Method and system for targeted advertising of goods and services to users of mobile terminals, based for example on the users’ profile. Goods and services are marketed to particular target groups of users sharing a common profile which may be… Read More ›

  • Queen: The Studio Collection

    Even if you do not like Queen (not possible surely?), this box set will likely grow in value significantly in a very short time. Must buy!

  • The BBC is vital

    “You’ve probably noticed that the BBC is under fairly constant attack these days. It’s easy to sound paranoid about this, but let’s be honest here, the right-leaning press doesn’t care for the BBC. Papers like the Daily Mail in particular… Read More ›