Poketo x CASETiFY 2019 Collection

High culture, LA-based lifestyle brand Poketo x CASETiFY tech collection embodies Poketo’s “Art For Your Everyday” philosophy, debuting their Apple Watch band design with matching cases to pair. Poketo x CASETiFY features bold, fun, modern art that you can rep everyday through your essential tech… The full collection is here.

Nice to see some colour in Apple accessories.

Apple’s stand

MSI shared an ad on Twitter for its 5K Prestige Monitor that takes a page from Apple’s popular “I’m a Mac” campaign from several years back and mocks Apple’s $1,000 Pro Display XDR stand… More here.

Apple could have done a much better job of announcing the new $999 monitor stand, but we should remember that the majority of people who need a monitor like this will not even need a stand because of how they currently work. Having said that, $999- phew!

A Spotify Music Player (MIGHTY VIBE)

MIGHTY is the first ever device that plays your Spotify music without a phone, screen, or Internet connection.

THE NEW MIGHTY VIBE is new and improved:

5+ hours of playback with Bluetooth and wired headphones
Expanded Bluetooth playback range and stronger connectivity
Compatible with all Bluetooth headphones and speakers
Redeveloped mobile app for an intuitive and fast user experience.. More here.

An interesting idea and not a terrible price. Good for adventures when you do not want to take your phone.

The EvoType case. Hmmm…

We’ll save a final verdict on typing with this keyboard for a full review once the EvoType actually launches for the Pixel 3 XL, but right now I can’t say much good about the experience. It doesn’t feel quite as natural as typing on your smartphone, and some of the layout decisions make it slightly hard for me to adjust. I’d say I can type at about 2/3 the speed on this keyboard as I would be able to on the phone’s display… More here.

So, it is not as good as typing on the phone screen, the screen that is right above the flat keyboard that costs $59. Gimmick is the word that comes to mind here.

The Swiss Dreams Watchphone

Oh yes, this design attracts eyes! What a vivid idea, what a luxurious performance! The design of this smartphone is a story about how the world changes, how modern achievements conquer it and creates a new vision, new references, new values, and new philosophy. An example of the phenomenal popularity of Apple Watch that by their triumphal march around the world made the traditional watch brands make room significantly, confirms the fact that the modern world is changing and this change is fascinating.

The smartphone’s body is decorated with a splendid picture of the globe with relief gold continents, while in the center of this unusual “globe” Apple Watch is going through as if it is demonstrating its expansion visually… More here.

Um… $21,110.

Spy on people with your AirPods

It’s an accessibility feature mainly designed for the benefit for the hearing impaired.

However, as some users have pointed out on Reddit and Twitter, Live Listen also means Apple users can listen to conversations going on in another room – as long as their iPhone is in the room, they have their AirPods in and Live Listen is turned on… More at The Independent.

No doubt the aim is positive, but did Apple really not forsee this as a potential problem?

The Sennheiser CX 6.00BT In-Ears

My Beats X headphones broke (again) and having been through two previous pairs I decided it was time for a change. I know two people who have had problems as well with multiple units and despite the decent sound and practicality of the Apple chip inside the reliability appears to be an issue.

I wear headphones a lot, if you worked where I did you would understand why, and there are features I need above all else-

  • A decent fit for working out
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Noise isolation (especially at work)
  • Decent connectivity and decent battery life

After some researche I popped £82 down for the Sennheiser CX 6.00BT In-Ears and have been more than surprised by the performance. The sound quality is some distance above the Beats and the noise isolation is excellent.

Throw in an extremely comfortable wear and so far peerless connectivity, and I am sold on the offering for a better price than the Beats. Seems that jumping away from the Apple system can be beneficial in some circumstances. The AirPods are way off the radar for me until they offer noise isolation, better sound quality and, yes it’s true, a wire between the headphones themselves.

Clap ’n’ Shield, Clap ’n’ Deco, Clap’n’ Charge, and Clap ’n’ Listen

The Clap Series of smartphone cases goes beyond just protecting your precious device. The 4-part collection — which consists of the Clap ’n’ Shield, Clap ’n’ Deco, Clap’n’ Charge, and Clap ’n’ Listen — provides users with security, style, supplemental power, and wireless headphone recharging depending on their preference. Just install the main case and choose the peripheral that you need. Collect them all to use them interchangeably or select the one (in one of many chic color combinations) that best suits your lifestyle… More at YD.

Clever design and I wonder why there are not more products like this available.