The Galaxy has folded

When I first saw the Samsung Galaxy Fold, I was immediately reminded of the Homer Simpson Car. I show this clip to all of my human-computer interaction and user-centered design classes, because it’s a great way to show people the perils of letting users design your products… More here.

That’s a funny and apt article.

Especially since Samsung has had to issue the following statement since so many of the review units broke.

To be fair, it is possible that it is purely because of that protective cover, but I am not convinced of the durable nature of the product at this stage.

iPhone crushes Androids on resale value

Consider two signature phones from last year. The iPhone X debuted costing $999, but was still worth $690 nine months later, according to device reseller BankMyCell. That’s a drop of just 30.93 percent.

Samsung’s Galaxy S9 cost $720 but was worth just $290 nine months later. That’s a steep drop of 59.72 percent.

Even worse, BankMyCell says the S9 lost 41.66 percent of its value in the first month, which is 10.73 percent more than the iPhone X did in nine months… More here.

This doesn’t surprise me at all and if you are ever undecided on which to buy, please consider resale as part of your decision making.

The keyboard will not die

Our QWERTY keyboard features five staggered rows in a full 64-key sliding landscape layout, under an angled screen. This provides an optimal typing and viewing experience while on the go. Our unique and innovative key design gives our keyboard a responsive, tactile feel for greater comfort and precision while typing.

The slider tilts the screen to a 155 degree angle for optimal viewing of documents and media on the go… More here.

Looks nice and I suspect the ‘Pro’ name fits, but I really can’t see the need for a keyboarded phone in 2019.

The Huawei Mate X: Galaxy Fold killer already?

This looks better than the Galaxy Fold, it really does, and we are only a few days into the whole foldable phone thing.

I suspect that Android will not lend itself to optimised apps suddenly working perfectly on the folded out screen, but I guess it’s possible. I see iOS doing this in a more seamless way at some point in the future. Also, €2,299 for 8GB of RAM and 512GB of storage! Phew.

My daughter said something obvious as soon as she saw the video. How would you put a case on it? A very good point for a phone that costs more than €2,000.

The new Galaxy Fold and S10’s

One smartphone that folds in two, another that delivers next-generation internet speeds, and three handsets with up to five cameras each and invisible fingerprint scanners were unveiled this morning, with promises they would “change the smartphone as we know it”. 

The world’s biggest smartphone maker, Samsung, unveiled the devices in San Francisco, stealing the spotlight from the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and taking over a venue best known for events from its biggest rival, Apple… More here.

The in-screen fingerprint scanner looks good, not so sure the fold isn’t a little thick, but it’s a start.

Huawei copies stuff

The Information has the story of an instance where a maker of optical heart rate monitor for the Apple Watch was contacted by Huawei to discuss a potential contract. However, the Huawei representative asked a series of questions about fine details of the product which the vendor did not answer — it’s suspected that Huawei wanted to improve its own heart rate monitor in its smartwatches… More here.

At this point it is hard to have much respect for Huawei. If you can’t innovate in an ethical way you don’t deserve our money.

The EvoType case. Hmmm…

We’ll save a final verdict on typing with this keyboard for a full review once the EvoType actually launches for the Pixel 3 XL, but right now I can’t say much good about the experience. It doesn’t feel quite as natural as typing on your smartphone, and some of the layout decisions make it slightly hard for me to adjust. I’d say I can type at about 2/3 the speed on this keyboard as I would be able to on the phone’s display… More here.

So, it is not as good as typing on the phone screen, the screen that is right above the flat keyboard that costs $59. Gimmick is the word that comes to mind here.


That pop-up camera is very cool. See it here.

The stealth 3D cameras are not just hidden but contain a number of innovative technologies: 3D Face Recognition system, front camera, rear dual camera and many intricate sensors. The state of the art stealth 3D cameras will redefine smartphone photography.

No buttons, no ports, no jacks, no grilles

In fact, except for two tiny microphone holes on the bottom of the phone and the cameras on the back, this is a perfectly clean slab made of glass and glossy black ceramic that sandwiches the electronics and a 5.99-inch OLED display with in-display fingerprint reader and a camera sensor on the very top. The screen has a very thin forehead to accommodate the selfie camera and a symmetric chin… More here.

This could be common-place very soon.