Over the holidays, my friend Craig Hockenberry started working on a small Mac app with a small name: Tot. The basic idea: Tot has one window containing seven and only seven scratchpads for collecting text. Tot is most certainly not… Read More ›

Opening up iOS…

Apple may be considering allowing users to set new, default apps for things like web browsers, music players, and email clients according to a new Bloomberg report. Developers can currently create their own apps that compete with Apple’s offerings and… Read More ›

Movie villains and Apple

According to Knives Out and Star Wars: The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson, Apple has a strict stipulation in its product placement contracts that its devices cannot be used by any villainous characters. In a Knives Out scene dissection for… Read More ›

Apple Watch (circular) 6

This is a concept of course, but it does highlight the upsides of a circular Apple Watch. Physically there is no upside due to constraints with space, but aesthetically and the way it would wear may change everything, again.