Stop quitting apps

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In fact, apps frozen in the background on iOS unfreeze so quickly that I think it actually helps perpetuate the myth that you should force quit them: if you’re worried that background apps are draining your battery and you see how quickly they load from the background, it’s a reasonable assumption to believe that they never stopped running. But they do. They really do get frozen, the RAM they were using really does get reclaimed by the system, and they really do unfreeze and come back to life that quickly… More at DF.

Good advice from Mr Gruber.



Nebo is an alternative to Apple’s upcoming iOS 11 Notes app. Like the Apple app, Nebo lets you use the Apple Pencil to draw and write in notes. It also recognizes the words you write and lets you search on those terms. Unlike the native Notes app, however, Nebo also converts your longhand scrawls into actual, editable text, which can be copied and pasted anywhere… More at Cult of Mac.

One to try for sure. I like the Apple Pencil, but still haven’t found a real use for it aside from the occasional sketch.

Does Apple know what a 32-bit app is?


Apple often adds timely selections of new and old apps which makes a lot of sense and with Wimbledon just around the corner tennis games were chosen.

One of the highlighted games was Virtua Tennis Challenge which I had bought and uninstalled a long time ago so I thought I would download it again.


As you can see, the game will soon be unavailable unless the developer does something quickly.

So, why is Apple highlighting it was a featured game to download or purchase? One team needs to talk to another in Apple if you ask me.

Day One jumps to subscriptions

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In short, Day One Premium provides the steady, reliable income needed to maintain and grow the Day One platform. It pays for customer support, QA, maintenance, bug-fixes, and development of new features. Recurring revenue from this subscription ensures the Day One Team will continue to provide the level of quality and reliability you’ve come to expect from us… More at Day One.

$50/year sounds like a lot to me. I used to use Evernote for journaling and moved thousands of entries to Apple Notes quite easily.

If you have very specific needs, this may appeal, but for longevity alone I would prefer to use an app and service that is likely to be around for a very long time, and at a lower cost.

Affinity Photo for iPad

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Developed without compromise, Affinity Photo for iPad is the first full blown, truly professional photo editing tool to make its way onto the Apple tablet. Built from exactly the same back-end as our award-winning desktop version, and fully optimised to harness the full power of the iPad’s hardware and touch capabilities. Affinity Photo for iPad offers an incredibly fast, powerful and immersive experience whether you are at home, in the studio or on the move… More here.

I would say to get it while it is discounted, but you should get it anyway if you have a need for such an app. It’s incredible.

All Day – Total Fitness & Wellbeing


Discover daily fitness training and yoga routines, recipes for better nutrition, and ways to improve your strength, mindfulness and sleep with the All Day app from adidas.

Build new habits and improve your well being with the All Day activity tracker. Set your workout plan and track your metrics including calories burned, steps walked and distance run. Log your activity throughout the day, set reminders or add your gym sessions, yoga classes and other workouts.

Designed by health and fitness experts, All Day delivers you insights and inspiration for better movement, nutrition, mindset and rest in short, effective video or audio sessions, called “Discoveries”… Download here (US only I think).

Word on the street is that this is a very good, and very complete, app.

iPhone apps are taking up a lot more space


The top iPhone apps have been taking up an increasing amount of space on the device. Sensor Tower reported Tuesday that the total space required by the top 10 most installed U.S. iPhone apps is now nearly 2 gigabytes, up twelvefold since May 2013 when the top 10 apps occupied just 164 megabytes of space combined… More at Axios.

Would love to know what exactly is in the code of apps like Facebook. Not expecting goodness in there.