What Google knows about you

In addition to everything Google collects via its services, Google search aims to be a repository for all the world’s information. That means there’s a mountain of information accessible on Google because someone, somewhere in the world has put it… Read More ›

They Ruined The App

The app used to be perfect. It had the old icons! The old interface! The old font! Also, it had no ads besides that big one. But now the app is different and ruined, and I’m never going to use… Read More ›

Will we ever have a Concorde again?

This remarkable achievement, however, almost never got off the ground. Its origins stretch back to 1956 when Sir Morien Morgan of the Royal Aircraft Establishment started work on “supersonic transports” with a view to taking on America in aerospace innovation…. Read More ›


Limerence is a term the author invented for overwhelming romantic feeling that many people seem prone to – but many aren’t. The nearest synonym might be “infatuation”, but Tennov is trying to describe something less adolescent and more beautiful than… Read More ›

What Remains

Arequipa is bathed in sunlight. In front of a rust-red building, a poster shows a gold statuette adorned with red and yellow patterned textiles. A bright tuft of feather protrudes from his shiny head. “This is where we will see… Read More ›