Note Roller

Simple, sophisticated and carefully curated for everyday living.

A small list maker, always at the ready to help you jot things down as they pop up.

Perfect for shopping lists, phone messages, orders and any day to day note that you are likely to forget.

The serrated blade ensures a smooth tear and the bars keep the paper lying flat against the bracket… More here.

Love the simplicity of the design, and the feeling of going back a few decades.


A bold, ultra-modern shelf for homes that have a lot to say. Get expressive with countless customisation options and fresh new colours… More here.

The shelving units are very impressive, but the way the website lets you customise each one for your needs is just as sweet. Not cheap though.


The laconic design of the writing desk reflects the purity of the lines and the absence of unnecessary details. The writing desk made of natural veneer preserves the texture of the wood. A writing table featured in the DUOO collection is a piece of furniture for modern and ambitious personalities who value comfort in all its manifestations… More here.

The words above are a little silly, but the design of the desk is perfectly simplistic.

The CARBONARA pencil

The use of the material is no gimmick. Just like a roadster is modeled on the lines of a coupe, but made to be faster, lighter, and better, the CARBONARA pencil is designed to be stronger, lighter, and better than a regular mechanical pencil. The carbon fiber gives it its light weight, but also plays a crucial role in the functioning of the pencil. The pencil comes with two hollow slots running across the side, separated by a pillar in the middle. Press down on one slot, and the other one expands ever so slightly… More at YD.

I kind of like the design, but there is a reason the humble wooden pencil remains king. It works.


In 1970, JBL released the iconic L100 Loudspeaker. Over the years, the L100 became the bestselling loudspeaker in JBL’s history.

In 2018, we are proud to bring you the JBL L100 Classic, a modern take on a time-honored legend. The Classic features vintage styling, including a retro-inspired design and iconic Quadrex foam grille, along with newly developed acoustic technology and designs for elite performance… More here.

I have no idea if this is a good speaker, but the design caught me immediately. So retro and modern in equal measure.

Rollbe Click


We measure things on a daily basis – straight or curved lines, square or round objects, drawing, cutting, comparing – Rollbe is quick, easy and designed to keep you equipped at all times. Designers, architects, carpenters, sewers, decorators and many other professionals draft specific layouts and templates. Measuring curves and design details are necessary for these professions. Rollbe allows measuring curves and straight lines or surfaces in a convenient way… More at Kickstarter.

Such an obvious idea.


BIC Lighter

Iconix is a comprehensive collection of iconic product design objects, chronologically organized from the beginning of the Industrial Revolution to the present. Each spread of this richly illustrated book showcases the author’s representation of the chosen design, expressing its essence and capturing its spirit. In the introductory text, he shares his concept of the term iconicity to help the reader understand what makes these products stand out and why they are considered icons today… More here.

Looks like a decent book with some nice imagery to demonstrate iconic designs, but likely not something you will keep coming back to.

If Apple had never existed

Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 18.31.39.png

I wonder if these rugged aesthetics, now commonplace in cutting-edge websites, can work at scale – in mobile apps used by +1b people. Instagram’s new UI paved the way: can this effort be replicated in other categories (e.g. gaming)? Is brutalism a fad or the future of app design? Would it make apps more usable, easy-to-use and delightful? To end with, would it generate more growth? Conversions experts sometimes suggest that more text equals more engagement – what if we push this idea to the extreme? More at Pierre Buttin.

Obviously the intention is different here, but I for one believe that Apple has done a huge amount for software design over the years. We had some grim interfaces on mobile before the iPhone, but I guess Palm OS was OK. Thanks to Kirk for the link.