AWAKEN is a feature documentary film from director Tom Lowe exploring humanity’s relationship with technology and the natural world. AWAKEN is a celebration of the spirit of life, an exploration of the Earth, and an ode to the Cosmos.

Oh wow.

Watch The Host

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As far as movie monsters went, the one at the center of The Host was a weird one—a wicked mean salamander with a mouth that had way too many hinges and teeth and a long grabby tail. The result of a chemical dump into the Han River by American military scientists, the monster isn’t really a huge, city-razing threat. Instead, it’s a ravenous amphibian the size of a bus, able to slip away in the water and largely out of sight for much of the movie’s run time… More at GQ.

There must be many classics hidden in Netflix and other services. Not sure this is one of them though;)

The $100,000+ Oscar nominee swag bag


Distinctive Assets founder Lash Fary told INSIDER this year’s 26 bags will include over $100,000 worth of goodies that will be sent out to recipients in the weeks leading to the Academy Awards. This year’s items range from a Hawaiian getaway and three-day mansion stay in Northern California to a luxury handbag, maple syrup, and customized Crayola crayons… More at Insider.

I get that a lot of this is to do with marketing etc, but what is on offer here doesn’t sit right with me.

The Magical Special Effects in Classic Silent Films


Harold Lloyd did indeed hang from a clock face on the side of a building in his classic Safety Last! (watch the scene up top), but as the gif shows, a mattress was only a few feet below, safely out of shot. The angle of the camera, the editing that had gone before, and the actual city scene unfolding in the background all created the illusion that Lloyd was dangling many stories above Los Angeles… More at Open Culture.

Well, that’s one of my childhood myths blown for good.