The Ataribox

The Ataribox will feature four USB slots, an HDMI connector and an SD card reader. Atari said the front panel could either come in wood or glass and that the company planned to launch two versions of the console: a… Read More ›

SEGA Forever

SEGA is bringing some of your favorite games to mobile in new, free-to-play formats that include ads as a way to drive revenue, support offline play and other more modern features like cloud saves. The games can also be rendered… Read More ›

The Nintendo Switch

I got some time with the Nintendo Switch this week and was impressed and disappointed in equal measure. In some ways it felt like a big PSP, but one which is much cheaper and with a sense of ‘toy’ about… Read More ›

Faraway: Puzzle Escape

Officially titled Faraway: Puzzle Escape [Free], the game makes no bones about being a “modern tribute” to the all-time classic Myst. You’ll explore 18 different temple ruins solving various types of puzzles in order to open the path ahead and… Read More ›