Her is Here


Remember the 2013 science fiction movie Her where a man falls in love with his computer operating system? Even in 2013 it didn’t seem to farfetched considering all of the digital assistants available. With the new emphasis on consumer AI by Apple, Google, Microsoft, et al, it’s no longer fiction. link

And besides new AI companions, our entire lives are being computerized. Some of us grew up without computers. For the youngest computers are ubiquitous. And we’re not going back. We never have in the past, whether it was automobiles or televisions. It’s just the way it is. link

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We should be dead already


Great, so people who sit on the job turn into bedridden geriatrics, while those who stand in the office might as well be eating nothing but double cheeseburgers, or going through a pack a day, or maybe both. Who cares? Life is apparently a dark, meaningless, and ultimately futile search for health and happiness that ends only in utter disappointment… More at GQ.

There comes a point when you simply stop listening.


Stainless steel ruler, designed to measure just about anything and easily fit in your pocket.

Rollbe’s rolling design allows to measure straight lines and curved surfaces by rolling from point to point. Designed both in the Metric and the Imperial system.

Rollbe’s super compact versions – 4 Inch and 10 cm are designed to be the most compact ruler on the market. They are similar to the size of a coin, so the ruler will always fit in your pocket.

Rollbe larger versions such as 8 Inch and 20 cm are designed for projects with more professional position. These rulers still are very portable and would be handy anytime.

That is just brilliant!

The Numworks Calculator


Math isn’t boring. However, sometimes educational techniques don’t help making it interesting. Look at graphing calculators for example. They still embody an aesthetic from the 80s and 90s, and not in a good way. Looking more outdated than retro, these calculators are instruments of the profession, but they do little to spark curiosity or interest in it… More at YD.

Nice to see someone doing something with the humble calculator. Pricey, but beautifully designed.

Why You Should Stop Saying Sorry


To assess the impact of apologies after social rejections, researchers approached thousands of people and asked them questions and had them participate in experiments. When asked to write “a good way of saying no,” 39 percent of participants included an apology in their notes with the belief that they’d lighten the situation. However, when they were put on the receiving end of these apologetic notes, they reported feeling more hurt… More at Entrepreneur.

Good news for those of us who rarely use the word.