The Straight Pride Parade

He nailed it apart from the last seven words. There are many straight white people who somehow get offended when minorities are protected, which is silly, but I’m not sure they are necessarily homophobic. Many people get upset when a… Read More ›

The new TWA Hotel

The soaring, yet spartan, 200,000-square-foot lobby was still being put together on opening day, but it buzzed with energy all the same. Guests enjoyed cocktails in the red-carpeted Sunken Lounge, served from two round bar stations on either side. The… Read More ›

Queuing for Everest

Officials and mountaineering agencies confirmed to NBC News on Friday that three Indian nationals died Thursday while trying to climb the world’s highest mountain, which sits on the border of Nepal and Tibet, an autonomous region of southwest China… More… Read More ›

Life in Miniature

Kath Holden is an artist of the everyday. Inspired by the world around her, Kath’s creations are whimsical yet keenly observed, and a far cry from the genteel museum pieces that her contemporaries are producing. A proud Yorkshire woman, Kath… Read More ›

Look after your own baby you lazy…

I don’t normally like it when people have a dig at millennials, but this individual seems to be unable to do anything for themselves or take responsibility for real life. This is, however, a highly entertaining Twitter thread.