The Man Behind Meat Loaf


So playfully constructed is Steinman’s work that the Wikipedia entry for the Meat Loaf classic “I’d Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That)” from the “sequel” album Bat Out of Hell II features a lengthy subsection on the “Perceived ambiguity of ‘that’.” Yet listening to that twelve-minute beast of a song, you’d be forgiven for succumbing to its utter sweep. It’s a funny song, sure, occasionally verging on novelty. That’s part of the appeal, but it’s all done in such grand fashion, culminating in a thrilling male-female duet, and held together by a deviously catchy chorus. “[Steinman] is, perhaps, the lost genius of pop, stranded—lamentably unlauded—in a world of rock with opera’s attitude, where life has stopped at the point of adolescence that childhood dreams are shattered,” wrote John Aizlewood for Q Magazine upon the release of Bat Out of Hell II in 1993. “Every chorus is like losing your virginity, every verse is like killing your parents. It’s as if Phil Spector and Richard Wagner were making records together.” More at Hazlitt.

Jim Steinman has written some of the best songs I have ever heard and also some of the cheesiest. Meat Loaf, however, is just a good singer.

The Pretty Reckless


Apple Music has become quite the eye-opener for me and I have discovered some decent music in recent weeks and so artists as well. None, however, compare to The Pretty Reckless who have made 3 albums to date and whose music has grabbed me as many of the best from my past did.

While at work I happened to hear the song below through Apple Music, a radio station I think, and I was hooked from the first second and even more so at 57 seconds. And so the song continued and so I become hooked.

The off thing with a streaming service is that in an instant I had access to the complete catalogue and could dive in to the works of this band to see if they were a one song pony. They have turned out to be far from that.

I can hear Queen, No Doubt, 4 Non Blondes, Poison and so many other influences here, but done in a way that is still original and above all, very well crafted. I should say that they are probably huge and I have just lost touch with reality due to my age…

I have been on the fence about music streaming services for some time and despite finding a new artist that I truly appreciate, I do wonder if me listening to these tracks many times over actually gives them any tangible reward for their craft. I suspect not.

The AirPods rival that blows everyone away. Oh come on…


There are precious few products we’ve covered that have yielded as much positive feedback as the SmartOmi Q5 True Wireless Bluetooth Headphones. Of course, it makes sense because as truly wireless earbuds go, these SmartiOmi buds have struck the perfect balance between quality and value. They sound just about as good as Apple’s AirPods, but they cost $40 instead of $160! More at BGR.

This post sums up much that is wrong with BGR. Just look at the product!

The Groove is gone


You can’t fault Microsoft for trying, but Groove Music, its Spotify competitor, never took off. Today, the company is admitting defeat. Microsoft today announced it will soon shutter both its Groove Music Pass streaming service and the ability to purchase songs and albums in the Windows Store.

Given how competitors like Spotify and Apple now own the markets for streaming and purchasing music online, this move doesn’t come as a total surprise. What does come as a surprise, though, is that Microsoft has partnered with Spotify to move all its Groove Music Pass customers over to Spotify… More at TC.

Always a shame when a service some people rely on is closed, but good to see an attempt to offer some continuity via a competitor.