Do camera reviews even matter?


As someone who suffers from G.A.S. (gear acquisition syndrome) when it comes to cameras, I spend a lot of time reading camera reviews. And when I am done reading, I watch YouTube videos. And after I am done with each one of them, I realize I am still no closer to making a smart buying decision about a camera because none of the reviews say anything meaningful… More at OM.

I wonder if that view could be applied to many other reviews of different products?

I Earned More in 2016 With My iPhone Than My DSLRs

Screen Shot 2017-02-19 at 10.47.10.png

2016 ended in a most fitting fashion for the new way I am trying to earn a living as a freelance photographer. On December 27, I was on Montara Beach photographing a college volleyball player on assignment for Volleyball USA magazine. The big story here? I was shooting the entire assignment with my iPhone 7 Plus… More at PetaPixel.

It would be premature to say that phones are taking over the photographic world, but I guess we could reasonably look forward to a time when standalone cameras are the equivalent to record players i.e. niche. Phone cameras are moving forward at a pace that traditional cameras are not and at some point the quality difference may be hard to spot.

Billboard magazine cover snapped with just an iPhone 7 Plus

There’s something special about the the Feb. 17 issue of Billboard Magazine, featuring former Fifth Harmony member Camila Cabello on the cover.

Can’t figure it out? OK, I’ll just tell you: It was photographed with an iPhone 7 Plus using Portrait mode. But there’s no way you’d have known that unless someone had told you… More at Mashable.

The shot was heavily edited and retouched, but this could be a game charger, or at least an indication of a big change.



The DxO ONE is Cool, But is It Worth the Price Tag?

If you haven’t seen or heard of the DxO ONE, you must have been living under a rock the last couple of years.

This little gizmo came out in 2015 to much fanfare, and it’s quickly gained a reputation for being a solid camera that brings DSLR quality in a positively tiny package.

It can stand alone as a camera, or better still, iPhone users can attach it to their phone, which then becomes a giant HD touchscreen for the ONE.

The question still remains – is this awesome little gadget worth the price tag of $500?

Let’s find out… More at photographytalk.

I was unaware of the DxO ONE (a rock I must be living under), but it does look very smart. The price, however, could prove beyond what many consider reasonable for the features on offer.