Europe’s rich photographic heritage


Europeana Photography opens up Europe’s rich photographic heritage to everyone. Photography is a direct and effective connection between history and contemporary society. It allows people to connect with their past, with fellow European citizens, explore remote eras and locations, and better appreciate the value of their continental, national and local cultural heritage… More here.

A excellent new resource.

The Instax Square SQ10

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 22.08.34.png

Where most instant cameras simply allow you to shoot and print your photo, the SQ10 lets you edit your photos on screen and store them in the internal camera roll to print at a later time. If you shoot a bad photo, you don’t have to waste film printing it. You can delete the bad photos, and try again. These extra features add up to a higher price point. Where most Fujifilm Instax cameras cost less than $100, the SQ10 costs $279.95… More at Refinery29.

There has to be a market for a cheap portable printer that can do a similar thing. $280 is a LOT.

$6,544 for 256MB of RAM to Run Photoshop


Back in January 1995, I upgraded my Mac 8110 desktop to 256 megabytes of RAM for $6,544. Why? Because Photoshop needed a minimum of 5 times the RAM to work with a 8.5×11 RGB 8-bit color page, and that was 24 megabytes.

The Chip Merchant was the least expensive source for RAM at that time. I purchased eight 32-megabyte chips at $818.00 each, or $6544.00 total — about $10,646 in today’s money after adjusting for inflation. Insured shipping was $42.85… More at PetaPixel.

Times have changed…

Is iPhone a Real Camera?


A child is already born an artist. When we get older, we get the creativity and inner artist beaten out of us.

So friend, if you own an iPhone, you are already a photographer. Now the next goal is how to make more meaningful (and better) photos… More here.

I’m struggling with some of the wording here which is far too arty for my tastes, but it is still worth a read.