Working in the White House Photo Office

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My title was Assistant Director of the White House Photo Office, from February 2009 to January 2017.

On a typical day, I’d get in about 8:30 in the morning and check again the day’s schedule of events for the President and First Lady. I’d usually confer with my colleagues and assign the assignments for the day. How late I stayed each day just depended on the nature of events that were taking place.

I’d usually work a full day five or six days every week. Occasionally, it was more. On foreign trips, it could be eight or nine days straight.

My colleagues and I would rotate weeks to determine who would be on call during any given week at night/weekend. That gave us a some flexibility to predict, on a calendar, when things might get messy schedule-wise. Or who was working holidays. While random in some ways, certain patterns emerged. Like who always seemed to attend a funeral, or travel to particular states. For big events, like a State Arrival, we’d all be covering different aspects… More at PetaPixel.

Great interview.

Capturing lives through hands

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The hand like the eyes reveal what’s hidden below the surface. It is essential for our evolution and survival. Early humans used it to ignite a fire, hunt, fight and other survival actions.

The hand is the main part that helps us to excel our skills across all the industries since the beginning of time. The palm lines in our hands unveil the underlying truth about our lives. They uncover our struggle, burden and life passage that we chose… More at Omar Reda.

What a brilliant way to show the struggles some people go through. So clever and quite inspirational.

Mosquitoes, Get Ready for Your Close-Up


How does one art direct a mosquito photoshoot?

James Gathany has some tricks (warm blood, etc). As a photographer for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, he has spent 30 years shooting microbes, disease-carrying insects, and the occasional celebrity that passes through the CDC. Prince Andrew and Barack Obama are the most memorable humans he’s photographed, he says… More at The Atlantic.

That is some serious dedication.

Amazing photo-realistic drawings


Nigerian artist Arinze Stanley, realizes ultra-realistic portraits in monochrome pencil. The artist’s three words are “practical, patience and perseverance” which is understandable because each of his works require about 100 hours of work. Exposed several times in galleries in particular at the Omenka gallery en Ikoyi Crescent, in Lagos, Arinze Stanley is nicknamed “the Nigerian Picasso ». More at fubiz.


The Lomo’Instant Automat Glass

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Lomography has announced a new camera called the Lomo’Instant Automat Glass. It’s the world’s first instant camera with a wide-angle glass lens.

The 38mm lens (21mm equivalent in 35mm terms) on the front of the camera features 6 elements in 4 groups and a multi-coated front element. The lens has two apertures (f/4.5 and f/22) and a minimum focusing distance of 0.3m (~1 foot).

On the outside, the camera features a black faux-leather covering and a geometric design with fluorescent orange details… More at PetaPixel.

Really like the design of this.