The Camera Caravan


So then came the Caravan Camera. This was to work in the same way as the shed but would have a darkroom inside it as well so I could take it on the road. I bought an old caravan off eBay for £150… More at PetaPixel.

I don’t know what to say about this project. Part of me thinks it is amazing and another part thinks he needs a doctor of some kind.

The Importance of the Photograph


My father passed away a month ago, and his birthday was on August 31st. I’m letting that sink in. Death is never easy and for those that have lost a parent, it has a certain significance. The person who has been there your entire life is now gone. There are things that I am now thinking about that hardly, if ever, crossed my mind. The biggest being that I am mortal and I too will meet the same fate some day, and the other, related to photography, is the importance of the photograph… More at PetaPixel.

I only started Lost In Mobile again as my father was dying exactly one year ago. He died soon after and the photos I have of him are incredibly important, and they always will be.

The Extraordinary True Story of the First Camera Phone

Screen Shot 2017-09-02 at 19.58.57.png

Phillipe Kahn invented the first camera phone on June 11th, 1997, the day his daughter was born. He had his jerry-rigged system, a mobile phone plus a digital camera, in the delivery room and was able to capture little Sophie held in his arms. That photo was emailed to friends and family who marveled at both the baby and the feat. This film by Conscious Minds re-enacts the birth of the camera phone, an invention that forever changed the way we document the world around us… More at National Geographic.

You need to click the link to watch the video, not the video still at the top. Thanks to Joanne for the link.

People Are Taking Selfies At Grenfell Tower


A photo of a woman taking a selfie with the Grenfell Tower still smoking in the background has been slammed on social media by angry residents, who have described it as “disgraceful” and “sickening”.

It seems that since the horror of the Grenfell Tower blaze unfolded on June 14th, many visitors have been partaking in ‘grief tourism’ and taking selfies outside of the fire-ravaged building which has been burnt to a cinder, without paying their respects to the 79 people who have lost their lives in the fire or through relief efforts… More at Elle.

F*cking idiots. Who on earth thinks it is a normal thing to take a selfie in such a location? This is not a new article by the way, but highlights the thoughtlessness of some people.

A camera on a balloon captures the eclipse

I launched a camera-laden balloon before totality passed over Central Oregon. There were three still cameras (one being a Ricoh Theta 360) and a GoPro recording video. This is the edited video, showing launch, the shadow of totality passing, and the last 40 seconds or is the last of the footage before the battery died.

That is breathtaking.