Same sh*t, different countries

Remainer: It’s going to be awful
Brexiter: Rubbish. It’s going to be brilliant

Remainer: It’s going to be awful
Brexiter: No it isn’t. You just have to believe more

Remainer: It’s going to be awful
Brexiter. We voted for awful. We knew we were voting for awful

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I’m only watching Trump’s immigration speech tonight literally because it’s part of my job. I don’t recommend that any of y’all watch unless you have to. It will be the same racist, xenophobic, unfounded anti-immigrant bullshit. Don’t waste your own time in 2019.

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This isn’t getting any better is it?

How to be right about the EU and snowflakes

I have now finished How To Be Right: … in a world gone wrong by James O’Brien and it has proved to be a hugely enlightening read. 

He covers a variety of topics including-

Snowflakes – a word I hate which is often used by right-wing people to describe those of us that care about racism, any form of political correctness and so many other human attributes such as common decency. He turns it around beautifully and kind of proves that right-wing people are the biggest snowflakes of all (because they get upset by everything in 2018).

Being gay – you have to read this part to truly understand the craziness of those who believe it is a sin.

Brexit – oh yes indeed. The event that he states was great for his career and bad for his soul. He strips it down perfectly and evidences why the hardened Brexiteers are what they are. 

I ended up buying the audiobook as well as the Kindle edition so I could get through it quicker on my daily commute and it will stay with me for some time. Sadly, the people it needs to have an effect on are impervious to common sense, decency and facts, and are too far down the path of believing what they have been told for decades, but for the rest of us it is a fantastic read from a person of sensibility in what increasingly feels like a world full of fools.

The reason they have been hoodwinked can be displayed in the following two links-

See 20 years of FAKE NEWS about EU by UK press

Fake news to influence the UK public to vote for Brexit has mostly come from our very own so-called professional journalists right here in the UK. Here’s a list of fake news by the UK press over the last 20 years. Every single story here has been debunked as fake news. It’s hard to pick just one but my personal favourites are ‘Euronotes cause impotence‘ by the Daily Mail and ‘EU puts speed limit on children’s roundabouts‘ from the always entertaining Daily Express.

Euromyths A-Z index

Myth: Curved bananas have been banned by Brussels bureaucrats, with shops ordered not to sell fruit which is too small or abnormally bent.
Sources: The Sun, Daily Mirror, Daily Mail, Daily Express (21 September 1994)

Truth: Yes … and no. Curved bananas have not been banned. In fact, as with the supposed banning of curved cucumbers, the Commission regulation classifies bananas according to quality and size for the sake of easing the trade of bananas internationally.

The evidence is there and in millions of places on the web and in the real world, but so many people do not want to see it, or they can’t because they have believed the bullshit for too many years and they will continue to do so. It’s tragic.

Sinatra and Kennedy


The sequence of events seems essentially right, except for the quaint idea that Bobby—or anybody else who read a newspaper or gossip column over the previous twenty years—was unaware of Sinatra’s fraternizing with the Mob. If Frank’s fondness for gangsters had survived this long without making much trouble for the administration, why would it cause such an eruption now? More here.

A short article, but worth a read.

The UK’s obsession with the ‘special relationship’


With the Prime Minister abroad – sandwiching a trip to Saudi Arabia between Iraq and Jordan – it was Education Secretary Justine Greening (on the media) and Home Secretary Amber Rudd (in the Commons) who were given the unenviable job of telling the country that we should all pretty much lie back and think of the “special relationship” – a relationship so special that no US president, however flaky, and no quarrel, however public, would ever, ever, ever succeed in blowing it off course… More at The Independent.

The ‘special relationship’ is important to many and perhaps more important than ever because with Brexit coming we are likely to be economically screwed otherwise. However, when the President is such an important part of America, we should probably be cooling it a little while Donny 3 Chins is in charge.

Britain has no status anymore, despite what 52% of our population seem to believe, and so we cling on the coattails of any country that makes things and which can help us in the future. Something tells me that Trump has no intention to help anyone but himself and his rich ‘white’ friends. Seriously, how is he still president? And how is she still Prime Minister?

Neutrality will disappear, it always does


The Federal Communications Commission took aim at a signature Obama-era regulation Tuesday, unveiling a plan that would give Internet providers broad powers to determine what websites and online services their customers see and use.

Under the agency’s proposal, providers of high-speed Internet services, such as Comcast, Verizon and AT&T, would be able to block websites they do not like and charge Web companies for speedier delivery of their content… More at The Washington Post.

This is a situation that sums up so much of what we are experiencing at this time.

It is barely worth writing about the arguments because they are so one sided that it would be pointless to present to well-meaning and intelligent people, which the majority of you seem to be.

We have an industry that is hugely profitable and which works in a framework containing mobile providers, telecom companies who provide the fixed networks, ISPs, content providers, search engines, phone manufacturers and so many others who have found a place in the world in which they can co-exist with the others to the benefit of the many.

This is a worrying situation for those who do not like such things because they feel it should belong to them. As much of it as possible should belong to them.

It is symptomatic of what is happening in American and British politics, which more and more likely seem to be influenced by the Russians. How else can you explain what is happening in 2017?

It is surely not possible that millions of people in both countries have collectively lost their minds and decided that the entire world does not look out for them, and to collectively then vote for people who do not even bother to hide the fact that they are selfish beyond belief.

It is surely not possible that something as important as the internet can be farmed off for the benefit of a few organisations who only look out for themselves and continue to get away with it.

However, isn’t this all perfectly normal?

You name the industry; cars, tobacco, oil, banking… It always goes this way. It always ends up in the hands of those who would otherwise be in jail for killing people and animals, but they wear suits so it is allowed to happen again and again.