What’s exciting now in terms of hardware?


I lusted after many of these, but I only just had a few. So what’s exciting now in terms of hardware? Personally I love what Samsung has done with the Edge. I have 7 more days to decide whether to stick with my new Lenovo Yoga Book or not, which more or less reminds me of my old netbook but it’s seriously light and thin with instant on and great battery life! (I have the Android Version.) So why is there so little innovation in terms of hardware these days? Or maybe there is and I’m just not seeing it? Or maybe it’s more internal rather than external? Or maybe the change has moved more towards accessories like smart watches etc. vboelema

A very good point. The industry has settled on slabs that are as much screen as possible with the occasional tweak coming in phones like the Samsung Edge.

The question is, and it’s a very hard one to answer, what can manufacturers possibly do to make their hardware unique and easier to use than a plain slab of screen? I am struggling to think of anything apart from a fold-out hardware keyboard, but those days seems to have gone already.

What do you want the next iPhone to look like?


The rumours are already filling up the web, but none of us really knows what is to come and now MacRumors has shown us the above to offer a relief when it comes to battery life.

I think I would be happy if there was a version of the next iPhone that was only marginally larger than the iPhone SE, but with a screen that fills most of the front. And of course better battery life, the ability to charge it from 10 miles away (joking) and something new that I never considered. Something that makes me sit up and look closer than I did at the iPhone 7.

So, what do you want to see?

What do you want for Christmas?


It has been a long time since I asked a question on this site so today’s will be easy.

What do you want for Christmas?

Is there something special you have been pondering or something that you are hoping a friend or relative has cottoned on to?

An easy one for me this year, the full digital works of Hussalonia for $93- a huge bargain which I hope my wife has realised!