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Would you like to help Lost In Mobile and write reviews, articles and help provide news links?

I have dropped back to alternative day updates as I have some things that I need to deal with at this time and there are other times when the freelance work must take priority. Lost In Mobile does not offer any income at this time, but the freelance does and children are expensive to keep alive.

I’m not looking for any commitments from anyone, just drop some content over when you feel like it and this may help diversify the experience for the readers as well. You can send stuff through the email address here.

The Lost In Mobile 2017 Survey Results


I guess that there is a slant on Lost In Mobile towards Apple, but I didn’t expect macOS to be so far ahead of Windows.


The Apple number ties in nicely with the very first question, but I am surprised at the lack of numbers for Samsung.

Looks like smart watches are still to gain real traction even with tech people, but twice as many of you go Apple as opposed to Android Wear.


Surprised to see Twitter so far ahead, but suspect that Facebook tends to be used by those who want to converse with friends etc. To be fair, I had to tweak the question half way through the survey so the numbers are worth ignoring.

Nice to see more visiting once a day than any other group. Thanks.


I shouldn’t have included ‘All of it’ as an answer, but I do appreciate the positive responses. As of yet, I can see no evidence of Russian interference, but I will keep my eyes peeled.

Survey comments-

Good site- keep going
It’s a good mix, always has something to make you think.
Been lurkin here for
I like the fact that not all the content are mobile/tech focus. Stuff like watches, photography and sometimes really wacky ones! I just don’t know how do you find time to go through so much content! Amazing. Thanks for everything all these time.
I rarely visit the actual site but read articles via Feedly and then Pocket for any I want to read in full.
You didn’t provide a “None” option under Social Media.
Carry on regardless
Only found your site a couple of months back, but visit it at least daily now. Excellent work, thank you
I’ve been coming here since the Clie days, and I’ll keep coming and commenting as long as you keep going! Thanks for all your hard quality work!!
Keep up the good work Shaun!