Where did the time go?

I snapped the above photo a couple of months after starting my first mobile tech website, ClieWorld. My son is 17 year’s old today. Where did the time go???

Who are you?

A slow news day so I shall pose a question instead which will help other readers understand who you are. Who are you? I’m Shaun, I work in fixed line and mobile telecoms, I also write for a couple of… Read More ›

Ad blocker usage is up 30%

Ad blocker usage surged 30% in 2016, according to a new report from PageFair, a company that helps publishers regain revenue lost to the software. There were 615 million devices blocking ads worldwide by the end of 2016, 62% (308… Read More ›

Back, sort of

I will be adding content to Lost In Mobile again when I can, but it will likely be a bit sporadic. My Mother had a stroke last Wednesday and is going through the slow process of recovery, but I will… Read More ›