The Garmin MARQ collection

MARQ integrates revolutionary technology with superior design materials such as titanium, sapphire, ceramic, diamond-like carbon coating, jacquard-weave nylon and Italian vacchetta leather. Each watch is exquisite in its execution — and as inspiring as its owner… More here.

These are expensive, but the ambition is impressive.

This review from A Blog To Watch will tell you most of what you need to know.

Like other serious technology companies such as Apple and Samsung, Garmin has not only been aggressively trying to capture a piece of the growing smartwatch market pie but is also playing catch-up to the traditional luxury watch industry. Last year, I discussed Garmin’s first serious entrance into the luxury watch space with my aBlogtoWatch review of the Garmin Fenix Chronos Smartwatch. The Fenix Chronos was built on the popular Fenix family with a more “premium” feel and packaging. Now in 2019, Garmin makes a massive leap forward with the Garmin Marq. Functionally, it builds on the Fenix family but improves upon it in most every way, including hardware, software, aesthetic design, and case/strap materials.

The Deux Watch

A well-crafted chronograph watch offers the perfect meld of engineering and style.

But sometimes, all those complex mechanics can feel somewhat overbearing.

Especially when all you want is to know how much time has passed in the day without having to worry about anything else.

Of course, not to get a chronograph would be to miss out on the cutting-edge precision such a device offers… More here.

Such a unique design and implementation. I’m not a fan of the form itself, but can see potential here. Check out the video at the link above to see the uniqueness.

Wear OS is doomed

It’s all being blown way out of proportion. The Fossil deal is not going to fix Wear OS. This is not the acquisition that will lead to a Pixel Watch. In reality, the deal was probably too small to really matter. Let’s pour some cold water on all this optimism. Wear OS is still doomed… More here.

When I look at Android I see an OS that is easily comparible with iOS. When I look at Wear OS I get annoyed because it is just awful.

Take fitness away from the Apple Watch and it becomes annoying

I have managed to hurt my Achilles tendon which means I cannot run and so my fitness regime has taken a serious knock over the past two weeks. A bit of weight training does not feel like fitness to me and it is not easy to measure in a meaningful way.

So, I have had to keep my movement down and this means aiming for below 3,000 steps per day rather than the 15,000 I had been doing up until the injury. This has made my interactions with the Apple Watch much more reactive because there is no need to start workouts from the watch and I am not checking the stats during the day.

This means that the Apple Watch is currently for telling the time and receiving notifications, and boy is that irritating when there are a lot.

It’s only annoying because that is all it is doing. It feels like it is an inconvenience that I don’t need to deal with which is strange because it does that when I am mainly using it for fitness as well.

I suspect the problem is that when I am using the Apple Watch for tracking outdoor walks, runs, weights, sleep, notifications, the time, weather, calories etc etc it feels like the interruptions are a price worth paying and I tend to look at them in a more favourable way.

Take away the fitness and the entire product starts to unravel. It has only just dawned on me how much fitness and health are a part of the Apple Watch and when those are taken away there is not too much of a product left. It’s a real surprise.

The Withings Move (ECG)

Withings is launching two models today: the Withings Move and Withings Move ECG. The Move ECG comes with an electrocardiogram (ECG) built in, and it’s limited in color options. Aside from that, these are the same devices... More here.

No doubt the ECG feature will take the headlines, but I must say the design is quite sweet. Very Swatch-like from the 80’s.

The PowerWatch 2

Instead, the PowerWatch 2 sits in the much more niche field, a third type of smartwatch appealing to those searching for tough devices they don’t want to worry over. Among the first PowerWatch’s more avid users were ex-military and outdoorsy folk – those who enjoyed its never-dying technology yet fervently requested more features… More here.

Can’t deny the appeal of the battery, but it certainly looks chunky.

Building your perfect Apple Watch face

On the series 4 Apple has added the ability to include a huge amount of glanceable data in one face (Infograph). With nine sections there is a lot on view at one time, but with some time spent looking for the ideal apps for you the potential is truly impressive. Here is how mine is set up-

Having moved from many years of Fitbit use I wanted to be able to see data instantly that is otherwise not available so I opted for some third party apps to fill the void.

Bottom left is StepsApp which does a very good job of displaying the number of steps I have done each day. There is a slight lag, approx 15 minutes, due to Apple’s restrictions, but overall it does exactly what I need it to.

Bottom right is Nutracheck which is the best calorie tracker available from my extensive testing. The way it allows super quick food entry is impressive and you can even add previously consumed foods from the Apple Watch itself. There is an annual charge, but if you are serious about your food intake this is a very good option.

Top right is Carrot Weather which is possibly the best designed Apple Watch app I have seen to date. There are many different settings for the complications and within the app itself, but most importantly it is deadly accurate.

The left sub-dial shows Streaks which has proved invaluable to me for keeping good habits going every single day. You can add accomplishments on your iPhone or Apple Watch and they sync instantly. The design is completely obvious and it really does ‘just work’.

Better Day takes the top sub-dial spot and I use it because of the way it displays the date within a simply month grid. The day and date are above the calendar view and a simple tap will bring the date into view using the entire screen.

Besides the above I have the Activity complication to instantly check where I am in my daily fitness goals, the battery level and the Workout complication. As a set it works very well for me, but I would like Apple to change the following-

  • Give us the option to colour-coordinate every complication for a cleaner look.
  • Make the Infograph face more glanceable when it comes to telling the time. This could potentially be fixed with the above change.