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A potential alternative to Zoom

Generate your free unique link with one click, share it with participants and enjoy unlimited meetings with Skype. Full set of features at your disposal. Your meeting link does not expire and can be used anytime… More here. A potentially… Read More ›

5G conspiracies

Click on the above, it is insane (or rather the woman with the camera is insane) Police and fire crews were scrambled to one inferno in Birmingham last night when a 70ft mast erupted in flames. The cause of the… Read More ›

How to buy a computer (in 1983)

The situation is similar to the video recorder market. VHS tapes will not run on a Betamax machine, or vice versa. The old Philips 1500 and new 2000 ranges are similarly incompatible. With home computers, unfortunately, the problem is far… Read More ›

The new paper trail

In response to the article about Amazon, Bob came up with a very good comment- Companies kept this sort of information before, that’s before the Internet, or at least as much information as was available to them. They didn’t have… Read More ›