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We want every person around the world to easily express themselves on Twitter, so we’re doing something new: we’re going to try out a longer limit, 280 characters, in languages impacted by cramming (which is all except Japanese, Chinese, and Korean)… More here.

I’m in two minds here and only time will tell. It may work a lot better or it may ruin Twitter as we know it.

You Can’t Protect Yourself


Even if you can protect your financial records, loss of your SSN and other personal information could expose nearly any kind of account you have, not just financial accounts!

Think of all the situations where something is “protected” with the last four digits of your SSN or a credit card. Breaches of a credit agency like this expose exactly the golden master key to recover or access more than a few of your accounts.

Once you’re exposed, you’re exposed for life, not just for the year of free credit monitoring. At least until the system changes… More at TidBITS.

It’s all so true. No matter how much effort you make to protect yourself, organisations still need your personal data for you to live and you cannot make them care as much about your data as you do.

Bodega (avoid)


The major downside to this concept–should it take off–is that it would put a lot of mom-and-pop stores out of business. In fact, replacing that beloved institution seems explicit in the very name of McDonald’s venture, a Spanish term synonymous with the tiny stores that dot urban landscapes and are commonly run by people originally from Latin America or Asia. Some might bristle at the idea of a Silicon Valley executive appropriating the term “bodega” for a project that could well put lots of immigrants out of work. (One of my coworkers even referred to it as “Bro-dega” to illustrate the disconnect.) More at Fast Company.

The idea isn’t so bad, but the blatant intent and publicising of it suggests they are a couple of (insert your derogatory term here) to me.

What is AI really?


It’s a catch all for a collection of research and technologies as per this article.

And the part of AI that we see the most is machine learning as described in this article.

When we talk about AI these days, we’re usually referring to some type of machine learning. From being a medical checklist t o picking stocks rto self-driving cars, it’s machine learning. There’s no intelligence as we think of intelligence. The machine isn’t learning in the same way as we learn. Maybe initially, but we seem to be able to understand concept and relate things in a much more dynamic way. I’m not saying that machine learning will never get that sophisticated, but from everything I’ve read, it’s got a ways to go.


Remembering the computer that gave birth to PC gaming


Contrarily, my wife was half way through Super Mario Bros. on the Raspberry Pi by the time I’d finished installing the Rise of the Tomb Raider disc.

The truth is, it wasn’t much better in 1991, when I received a Commodore 64 for Christmas, a little after its heyday had come and gone… More at Trusted Reviews.

My brother had one. I was using a terminal plugged into a Hewlett Packard minicomputer at work. I didn’t play much with the C64 because it didn’t seem that much more than a hobby computer. But it was one of the early leaders in the home computer revolution.