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Yet another eBay scam

As eBay sees that the package has been delivered to the postal area, it assumes it was received and issues a refund. The problem is, Royal Mail’s tracking does not include the full address, just the postal town. We believe… Read More ›

Digital assets

When Swezey died in an accident two years ago, he left behind his husband, their two kids — and access to precious photos stored in the 45-year-old’s password-protected Apple account. Now a Manhattan judge is ordering Apple to give Swezey’s… Read More ›


Fakespot determines the trustworthiness of reviews using artificial intelligence… More here. Simply paste a product URL and see the results. Of course they cannot be guaranteed, but at first glance they may be useful if you are on the fence… Read More ›

Self-lacing trainers

Nike has launched self-lacing trainers, which fit themselves to the shape of the foot and are controlled via a smartphone. It is the latest iteration of the futuristic footwear, first referred to in the film Back to the Future Part… Read More ›

The Palm phone

Really hard to know if this idea is silly or if it make sense, and then the price appears ($350) and I go for the former. If you need contact when on a night out or somewhere away from home… Read More ›

Market Caps

The market cap of the top 5 S&P 500 companies: $4,095,058,706,432 The market cap of the bottom 282 S&P 500 companies: $4,092,769,755,136 Just in case you wondered where the money and the power really is. Tweeted by Michael Batnick.