The Gruen Airflight

Looks like a watch with 24 date windows, no? Well, look again. Let’s not beat around the bush: the Gruen Airflight has twelve see-through apertures in the dial. At 1 pm a thin under-the-dial plate shifts automatically to expose the… Read More ›

No one noticed it, no one…

The person putting the dial together didn’t notice. The person putting the case together didn’t notice. The person doing the final quality checking didn’t notice. The person selling it didn’t notice. The person buying it didn’t notice. We humans are… Read More ›

The Electrostatic Accutron Concept Movement

The Accutron concept movement will remind Accutron enthusiasts immediately of the Accutron Spaceview, an original-production Accutron which had an open dial, allowing the tuning fork mechanism and transistor to be seen. The concept movement likewise exposes the mechanism, however, there’s… Read More ›