A Mechanical Watch vs. the Apple Watch


With both types of watches, there are pros and cons. A mechanical watch can perform all its functions with no battery, simply by moving your wrist or winding the crown. The Apple Watch offers an vast array of modern functions, much like a smartphone—from sending a text to tracking your daily activity. Useful functions that are not within the realm of mechanical watches, unless you count the chronograph, the pulsometer, etc. You can buy an Apple Watch for as low as $269 for an original Series 1 or up to around $1,499 for the new Ceramic Edition. Mechanical watches can range from a few hundred to hundreds of thousands of dollars… More at Valet.

You can’t really compare the two, but I know which side I am on. The picture says it all.

Affordable Alternatives


Instead of buying a knock-off of an original luxury watch, consider picking up an “homage” to it. An homage watch is one made by another company that takes design inspiration from a classic wristwatch. They’re not exact replicas of the originals (so you avoid the issue of wearing a counterfeit watch), but they look pretty dang similar and evoke the same classic style cues. And they’re affordable. Instead of a few thousand dollars, an homage watch will only set you back $100. Not dirt cheap, but certainly more affordable. While these homage watches don’t have the same amount of craftsmanship or attention to detail as the originals, they’re accessible alternatives for the man who only wishes for his watch to look good and accurately tell the time… More here.

Fake watches are sad. Homages actually make huge financial sense for 99% of people.

SRPB97 Prospex Japanese


Dive Deeper Into Life with this Seiko Prospex Automatic Diver. The SRPB97 offers professional specifications for those with a strong sense of adventure. This Seiko Automatic watch is a mechanical watch with a self-winding mechanism. The self-winding mechanism winds the mainspring with the movement of the wearer’s wrist. The energy to drive the watch is stored within the mainspring and this watch does not require a battery. All Seiko Automatic watches have an overwind protection mechanism to prevent damage to the mainspring once it is fully wound.

10% off at Amazon on pre-order. A lovely watch. Thanks to Russ.

Mark Ronson and Chopard


So what to make of the watch on Ronson’s wrist? As it happens, the Chopard LUC XP (£6,770) is itself a sharp and refreshing take on a celebrated style: a crisp steel dress watch that takes a more casual, paired-down approach than tends to be Chopard’s milieu. With its brushed silvery dial, blued Deco hands and textile strap – cashmere, though it could be denim at a glance – it’s a piece that wears the seriousness of its watchmaking (including Chopard’s ultra-slim in-house movement) lightly… More at The Telegraph.

Expensive, but ‘pure’ design rarely comes cheap.

Shoes vs watches


The perfectly symmetrical heels feature three-carat rare pink and one-carat blue diamonds, which alone cost over $128k (USD).There are four flawless three-carat diamonds and 1000 pointer diamonds set in platinum framing the piped and quilted details, which are meant to resemble a cake. The shoes also feature solid gold zippers and soles, leather painted in 24 carat gold paint, and the stitching was done with 18 carat gold thread. Inside, the shoes are adorned with gold thread inlay. The shoes were finished with a rose gold accent to give slight contrast. Leather Arabian jasmine flowers are the final touch… More here.

Those shoes cost $15 million.

And here was me thinking the watch below was expensive.